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Discover the power of IPTV & Digital Signage for your Hotel, Hospital or Residential Complex and unlock a world of possibilities!
The future of IPTV & Digital Signage is here

Experience the major benefits of digital signs over traditional static signs with ITSthe1. Say goodbye to outdated, fixed content and embrace the flexibility of changing your display instantly, as often as necessary, without any hassle.

The content displayed on IPTV & Digital Signage screens can range from simple text, images, full-motion video, live TV feeds, graphic animation, web pages, RSS feeds, social media, with or without audio. With Digital Signage, your hotel, hospital, bank, corporate offices or any public area indoor or outdoor can create eye pleasing infotainment and advertising solutions increasing revenue streams.

Display anywhere, anytime

With ITSthe1, you can showcase your content on screens of any size – whether it’s in elevators, public areas, totems, video walls or projectors. Our versatile solution allows you to captivate your audience in various locations throughout your premises.

A captivating visual experience

From simple text and images to full-motion videos, graphic animations, live TV feeds, webpages, social media integration, and more – let your creativity flow with the range of content options available through our IPTV & Digital Signage solutions. Enhance guest experiences by creating eye-catching infotainment solutions that leave a lasting impression.

Increase revenue streams

IPTV & Digital signage opens up new possibilities for revenue generation. Promote special offers, upsell services or partnerships, and create interactive experiences that engage guests on a whole new level. With ITSthe1’s innovative solutions, take your hotel’s revenue potential to new heights.

  1. Technology Consultancy
  2. Value-Engineering
  3. New Properties or Refurb
  4. Interactive TV (IPTV)
  5. Casting to TV (BYOD)
  6. TV Headend
  7. Digital Signage
  8. Passport and ID scanning
  9. Digital Registration
  10. Self-service Terminals & Kiosks
  11. Mobile Apps and Digital Menus
  12. GRMS and Door Lock Systems
  13. Support Ticketing System
  14. Guest WiFi and HSIA
  15. PMS
  16. PoS

Hospitality Solutions encompass a wide range of technologies and services designed to enhance the guest experience in hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments. Below are some key components of these solutions, including interactive TV (IPTV), casting solutions, digital signage, mobile apps, support ticketing systems, passport and ID scanning, digital registration, mobile activated door locks, guest WiFi and HSIA (high-speed internet access), GRMS (guest room management systems), technology consultancy services, and self-service terminals.

Interactive TV (IPTV) is a popular feature in many hotels & hospitals that allows guests to access a variety of entertainment options directly from their room’s television. This includes live TV feeds as well as interactive features such as ordering room service or checking out hotel amenities.

Casting Solutions enable guests to stream content from their personal devices onto the in-room TV screen. This allows for a more personalised entertainment experience and eliminates the need for guests to rely solely on content provided by the hotel. Personal subscriptions and preferences for Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime, YouTube and many other services can be viewed on in in-room TV once casted, freeing your mobile device.

Digital Signage is another important component of hospitality solutions. It involves the use of digital displays throughout the property to provide information about amenities, events, promotions, directions, and more. Digital signage can be easily updated in real-time, scheduled for specific days and times, to keep guests informed and engaged.

Mobile Apps & Digital Menus have become increasingly popular in the hospitality industry as they allow guests to conveniently access various services offered by the hotel. These apps can provide features such as mobile check-in/check-out, room service ordering, concierge services, local recommendations/tourist information, reporting problems or requesting for services, and even control over room settings like lighting or temperature. Apps can be Android, iOS or WebApps with a simple QR code scan.

Support Ticketing systems are essential for efficiently managing guest requests or issues during their stay. These systems ensure that guest requests are promptly addressed by routing them to the appropriate staff members or departments with internally specified SLAs and escalation procedures.

Passport & ID Scanning technology helps streamline the check-in process by quickly verifying guest identities while ensuring compliance with legal requirements. ITSthe1 is one of very few companies to be authorised in the UAE to send scanned data to Tourism and Interior ministries. 

Digital Registration further enhances this process by allowing guests to complete check-in formalities online, reducing wait times at the front desk.

Mobile activated Door Lock systems provide a convenient and secure way for guests to access their rooms using their smartphones. This eliminates the need for physical key cards and offers added flexibility for guests who may prefer not to carry additional items with them.

Guest WiFi and HSIA are crucial amenities in today’s connected world. Providing reliable and high-speed internet access is essential for guest satisfaction, whether it’s for business purposes or simply staying connected with friends and family.

GRMS (guest room management systems) allow guests to control various aspects of their room environment, such as lighting, temperature, curtains, and entertainment options. These systems enhance guest comfort while also providing energy-saving benefits for the hotel.

Hospitality Technology Consultancy services play a vital role in helping hospitality establishments make informed decisions about implementing new technologies or upgrading existing systems. This consultancy service provides expertise in evaluating technology options, planning system integrations, and ensuring a seamless implementation process while being cost efficient.

Self-service Terminals are becoming increasingly popular in hotels as they offer convenience and efficiency for both guests and staff. These terminals can be used for tasks such as self-check-in/check-out, printing boarding passes or event tickets, making reservations or inquiries, and even ordering food or drinks from on-site restaurants.

In conclusion, hospitality solutions encompass a wide array of technologies aimed at enhancing the guest experience by providing convenience, personalisation, efficiency, and improved communication throughout the entire stay. From interactive TV (IPTV) to self-service terminals, these solutions are transforming the way hotels cater to their guests’ needs in today’s digital age.

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